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soft murmurs, on the lips, sweeter than honey, rosier than roses, drowned in a tranquil, sweet slumber, lies, a fair maiden, her dainty feet, tuck’d underneath, slender fingers, curled,, clasping one another theĀ  sun kisses tenderly, the locks, that curldown, the wind that caresses, and leaves, whispers your name, in every willow, and yet oblivious, […]

As The Maiden Yearns


soft enamoured breath, delicate slender fiingers, sunkissed tendrils , that swing around the angelic face, rests by the window, a soul unaccompanied, in her sighs lie concealed, the yearning, of a departed mate, wakeful she stays , in starry nights, and when the moon’s illuminated, serene slumbers , are gone with her beloved, she begs […]