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soft murmurs, on the lips, sweeter than honey, rosier than roses, drowned in a tranquil, sweet slumber, lies, a fair maiden, her dainty feet, tuck’d underneath, slender fingers, curled,, clasping one another theĀ  sun kisses tenderly, the locks, that curldown, the wind that caresses, and leaves, whispers your name, in every willow, and yet oblivious, […]



Pale is thy cheek , weary are thy eyes, thou hast carried woe as yer child, kept it hidden, misery as yer friend, agonies yer biography, truth would decorate thee , like a garland in yer soft grey locks, for yer beauty lies in knowledge, of years of wisdom, wrinkled be thy skin, it holds […]



A soft whisper, On the wings of the wind, Like daisies and lilies and marigold, Like rain melting the clouds, Or a distant lark, My soul shall taste the beauty, Of rosy hue, And drowsy numbness, That thou cast upon me, A spell so rich, So warm, To maketh my heart swell, In mad pursuit, […]