Illiteracy: The Biggest Monster In Pakistan


Ashamed of the recent incident of a boy murdered cold bloodedly in broad daylight.

I bow my head in shame, YES, “shame”. I just saw the footage of a boy killed by Pakistani rangers in broad day light. It is not just one footage I am talking about, the Chechens a few days back were killed just like that, two innocent boys murdered publicly by common people in Sialkot and so on, the list of brutalities is so long. The real face of Pakistani people is so horrible that it disgusts me now.

They are a bunch of depressed people who are at the verge of disintegration.

It would have been justified for barbarians from the pre-historic era as they did not hide behind a fake education cover.

What is wrong with us?

Why are all of us so quiet?

The answer is simple, we are a dead nation, no one would rise and shout revolution, because they are so tied up in financial crisis and security issues that they would never protest. We simply let it go unquestioned. It is a matter of days, when an incident like this and many others would be forgotten. I for one cannot forget it or let it go unnoticed. What I am so worried about is, even if the boy had committed a crime, the rangers had no right to shoot. In civilized societies, they take these matters to court. The people with that ranger, his co-workers stood there watching? 

After all that happened, the government has the guts to go on the media and tell us, how big a criminal was that boy carrying a toy gun? Ridiculous, utter non-sense !

My anger is not directed towards the rangers alone, it is directed towards the armed forces too, What right do they have to rule us like emperors? None!

They feed and live on our taxes, our hard earned money and go on terrorizing us? They live in elite areas in the heart of the cities, endangering the whole damned population. If God forbid, we are attacked, the cantonment areas are right in the middle of heavily populated towns. It would be a catastrophic situation.

What right do they have to run schools, be chancellors in the universities, run businesses on lands they don’t own, the amnesty plots under their illegal control? I call them all illiterate MONSTERS with guns. Yes! I am no longer proud of their existence. Why should 80% of the budget go to them and less than 1% budget go to education and health. What kind of morale do we support? We can pay these goons to buy nukes they should not have to begin with!

I don’t trust these people hired to protect us anymore, they scare me. This is not the environment any of us would like to raise our kids in. Our protectors are the looters and plunderers, not long ago they did the same to Bengalis. I get goose bumps when I read the stories about the atrocities done by our armed forces, killing students, professors, doctors, engineers, scholars and philanthropists, just because they raised their voices against injustice.

I very much wish for their fake ego to go to pieces, only then would they come to their senses. Pakistan is like that bully kid, who would go on terrorizing its mates, till it is brought down with force.

I see the root of all causes being “illiteracy”. One cannot expect Pakistani civilians to rise, when they have no idea about the rights they have to begin with. We need a true leadership, but having said that, it still is only a dream. True leadership comes out in a nation with true democracy, not a nation with messed up doctrines. The truth is I want more of Allama Iqbal’s visionary Pakistan, than Zia-ul-haq’s, Musharraf’s or Bhutto’s Pakistan. I dream and dream like a silly Pakistani, who nurtures the thoughts of a better, more civilized nation than the one existing.

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