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Illiteracy: The Biggest Monster In Pakistan


Ashamed of the recent incident of a boy murdered cold bloodedly in broad daylight. I bow my head in shame, YES, “shame”. I just saw the footage of a boy killed by Pakistani rangers in broad day light. It is not just one footage I am talking about, the Chechens a few days back were killed just […]

No Tears Would Come.


 like a worn out cloth   whose threads make no attempt at tethering together ,   she lay still.   Shaky hands  and weak limbs   too exhausted to move.   battered was her soul   broken, her will   vanquished , her morale   her squeals left trapped in the throat   and yet no tears would come,   only detest,   sharp ,   piercing […]

Madness in form of a reform


The aim to live well and strive to live , one unfolds the philosophy of happiness and the other peace . One requires controlling passion and the other to kill emotions . To be happy is to have more than the rational mind can concieve and to be at peace there has to be a […]