Nightly musings


Oh! let me cleanse  my mind

and relieve my perplexed soul,

from starry nights,

and sparkling streams,

where I sighed,

and roamed,

when the moon hideth behind a veil,

shying away,

in glimpses would I see,

scattered its beam,

reacheth not me,

nestled by your side,

layeth I,

on a hearthrug so smooth,

as fire danced,

leaped and witnessed,

burning just as we did,

but with an inferior desire,

to consume what fueleth it,

with fervency I pray,

for the night,

to stay dark,

and not dissolve away,

to conclude,

for I wished thy scent to engulf my soul,




leaving no distinction,

between the two,

I fear now,

the misty recollections,

of what mutely lay,

as an accord,

which thou hath  made,

not in ink,

or on paper,

but in words,

in whispers,

in sweet musings,

that ringeth my ears,



all the reflections,

thou hath cast,

turning them into hideous shadows,

unearthing mendacious deception,

what intention shall I  presume,

thou art but a false hope,

swept away with time.



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