Crave for more,
I weigh my woe..
Do u?
It hurts to live,
Years pile up,
One over the other..
Moons and suns,
Seasons without you,
and yet i crave for more,
More than life,
My eyes give me a faded vision,
My heart a faded emotion,
I dont keep track of time,
The ticking of the clock mocks,
Return to me what i have given you,
Bring me back…


if u can,
My own cries seem distant to me,
An echo to what i was,
The sky is gray with hate,
Time is standing still,
I cannot step ahead ,
Nor do i look back…
I build a wall,
a line,
Dry burning eyes,
I stand in my own way
It is hard shouting out with voices that go unheard,
But do i hear them myself?
I close the common doors,
Insight to me,
The key to look through me..
Let me crave alone, till the end,
Just something that makes me go on

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