The submission


oft I endure,

the wrath,

of the dreaded rain,

that burns my body,

needling its way inside,

filling with poison,



eloping with destruction,

an ever lasting affair,

with my dreams,

a mirror of marred images,


and jumbled  silhouettes,

with hazy outlines,

dreams of wild birds,

on an unnamed journey,

to anonymous destinations,


to keep wandering ,

in and around the melting sun,

free me,

detach me,

from your vicious clutches,

a plea ,

an appeal ,

let me go,

and bow down,

bend and wash off,

my evil attire,

of all the ego,

of all the pride ,

and consciousness ,

that keeps  my feet heavy,

must learn to submit,

give my self away completely,

not in parts ,

not keeping back any of me,

with me,

just reverence,

just submission.





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