The bereavement exits



The fragility of human nature is carries an unusual philosophy of life, at times it bears hardships never imagined or seen before and then at times the resilience breaks at the tiniest bit of a jolt…

The psychological burdens on the human mind have a wide array of effects, they can either rapidly shape,  strengthen and

put us into a stronger more stable frame of existence or just put us into a dead halt.

  • The Grey Vacuum

The inert apathetic mass of cold and  insensitive being  keeps on going for the sake of the world and worldly ties. The subliminal mind does not perceive the intensity of emotions.It corners and enters a grey vacuum, a space where no other exists … just shadows from the past, something that one can relate to and feel comfortable with. The numbness masks the personality and all the qualities that once marked the calibre and character.The perfunctory body looses contact with the passion , warmth and ardor. It is more like a kite wandering in the sky with no ambition.The interactions are involuntary and forced , there is no pleasure in associations and bonding. The sense of belonging is lost along with the loss suffered, the trauma takes the toll and consumes in a cannibalizing fashion.The trauma devours the best of us, taking in the basic units of happiness one at a time. The endeavours become casually faded , to surface, to have a meaning, to know; eventually exhausting up and retiring into a sweet lackadaisical slumber. The sleep of ignorance, the sleep of frittering away, being prey to the woe, the melancholic quagmire ,all designed  to make one squander wantonly.

The wish to stay invisible becomes greater and demands breaking the discipline of routine or just continuing it in  a platonic manner.The pyrrhonic abandonment becomes the mainstay of the doctrines to be followed.The reds of the thoughts get lost in the blues and eventually a grey .


  • The Red Zone
The crimson rush of strength comes with more divine attachment and abstraction of thoughts in a more reasonable way.The Magnum Opus of the fate then begins to unfold, and one tends to shape the course of the story with their own directions.The course of the stream flows positively and helps us distinguish between a “lemon problem” of second hand life or first rated locker full of experiences, experiences that make us who we are. Some of us learn to  act on the philosophy of utilitarianism so perfectly that the biggest of the sorrows are dealt with a monster calm.Knowing that the ail has no instant cure brings the patience required because evidently the process is slow. The belief that there is a cause and that this cycle must have a phase where things begin to get clearer.
The more it boils up into furious lava of anger and emotions , the better. The only thing that must be washed away is the “guilt”. Guilt is not for those who believe that the supreme power is in charge and that bad things  happen to us because we sinned or we are bad people. Solace lies in being active and actively believing that there has to be an end, the mortal theory.Nothing stays, jobs, careers, friends, relationships, kids,parents etc they have to go , but what doesn’t perish is “faith”. The faith that the healing will come and it will come in time.
The objective is to  live,learn and cope with such tragedies .Sorrows always bring wisdom, the greatest of the teachers one will ever find would come from life itself. The legacy passed on from generation to generation is but the essence of experiences.

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