When the evening falls , the light merges into the in life in the hands of death and happiness in the hands of sorrow.It’s like the nature chooses one over the other , the spraying of the night sky with a millions of specs like little people giggling and illuminating a dark hallway..shapes forming , elephants and zebras and a mother holding a baby ..illusions.Squinting and squeezing the lids to watch the light dance and touchin the rays with the tip of the finger to make them dissapear.Lying down , questioning the questions ..the dark secrets and tombs of the history..the answers lying in the present , the future..extracting bits and pieces from the past. A confusing conflict , one thought consuming the other..Skeptically going through all the details of thought process , ifs and buts and wishes..Keep bombarding the brain with more quests , losing touch with the reality.Misleading , faking be what the mind has fabled up ,yearning to be found ..we deliberately drift into a sleep of ignorance..sweet lies and world of dreams..stay helplessly at peace , numb and empty.Devoid of soul ..

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