Moving on…


The battles of wits should not be fought unarmed.Don’t let the kind hearted pink soul inside your body rule your strong desire to move on.Unleash the decisiveness and hit the weak, decayed twigs hard. To stop being yourself is to stop living.Firm hold on one’s beliefs is a key to unmasking the core of your existence.Take the errors off the examining table , even if it’s the wrong , scary , dark tunnel – the possibilities of digging a way out are not feeble.Charge the electric impulse to stimulate the dead neurons , staying smaller than your true girth of wisdom is an insult to your intellect.Brush off the jumbled ends and lose threads , that tie unwanted knots. Set your thoughts free , win over your soul and protect it . Do not let the leaps of momentum against the currents die . To be yourself is the greatest joy in the world

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