If it matters 


In an eloquent

But bizzare 

Dreamy and blurry 

Bits and pieces  of 

An incomplete story

I hope to heal

Some gaping bruises

A balm that would miraculously  heal


Put together

shape up 

And re-model

The truth 

Behind a very gray

Almost dark 

Practically non-existent 

Hierarchy of events

Re-write the plot

Punch in some beleivable action

And merge it into the reality 

A test 

An assessment of how much

I can change

I can reconsider 

Give myself a chance 


When all else fails 

There is always a bit of 


Left in “me”

That can drive


Into the intoxication 

Of a wonderland 

That can twist and twirl

And form 

A fable

And I can dance through the


And blossom

And glow

And make it look

As if destiny itself

Met me

And greeted me

To sing

To paint

To write 

Over and over again

Till I get it right

Till the seeker 

Reaches what it seeks 

Till it is 

More of what I suppose it was

Or less of what I believe it is

And all of that begins to spin

So there is just one image

Just one solid 


A very fine, fully formed

Elegantly designed

And well articulated 

Desirable outcome

And an agreeable milestone 

Where I could stand

And own it

And live through it 

Forgetting purpose

Forgetting actuality 

Reason and rational 

Just be

To be 

If it matters at all

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