Creeks of nothingness.


Amidst the  graveyard of metaphors,

There is just this ..


Plucked out of a body,

That lay limp,


Symbols of carnal needs,

Snares of folly,



All evils,

That make the gravel and cement

Of a blinding bridge,


And charming,

Obscuring the vision,

Engulfing the judgement,

And power to recognize,

To speciate,

Between genuineness,

And spurious existence.

Deceit decorated in the mesh,

Creating bizarre,

Dense and elaborate,

Web of simulated semblance,

Blemishing the integrity,

Of all social nous,

Marring the divinity,

Of a well written scheme,

A plan constructed by the supreme,

Blocking out the rays that illuminate,

The paths of glory,

Hidden under heaps of,

Mottled shame and regret,

And pride that sucked out,

All that was left of it,

So when the winds of change blew,

The wilted leaves of time,

Wandered aimlessly,

And drowned into the creeks of nothingness.






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